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Brew perfectly brewed coffee right into your cup

Do you love the wonderful smell of coffee in the morning that wafts through the rooms and awakens your senses?
The ANCKERAMIK coffee filter delivers aromatic coffee that is traditionally hand-brewed in no time at all. Without capsules and other frills.


Thanks to its shapely attachment made of bamboo, the filter fits most common coffee pots and cups.


  • Universal hand filter for most cups and jugs

  • Size filter: 1/2

  • Corrugated funnel shape for even flow

  • Large hole for optimal filtering

  • Plastic-free: ceramics and wood

Filter Step 1.jpg

Prepare filter &

Dosing coffee

First, place an unbleached paper filter in the funnel and briefly drain it with hot water. This will warm up the filter holder and remove the odor of the filter paper. Now you can add the coffee powder.

Depending on the taste and grind, use 12 grams of ground coffee for approx. 120 ml of filtered coffee.

Filter Step 2.jpg

Pour water

Simply pour in boiling water with a whirling motion to moisten all of the coffee grounds.

Let it steep for 30 seconds and add the rest of the water in a slow circular motion. Now you can remove the filter and enjoy your hot cup of coffee! Or two.

Filter Step 3.jpg


Let yourself be seduced by the aroma and take a break.

Tip: High-quality & freshly ground coffee is crucial for the taste experience.

For optimal flow and full-bodied coffee enjoyment, we recommend using freshly ground coffee with a medium-fine grind.